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My name is Emi and I try to draw a lot

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short hiatus

hey guys sorry for not being super active this past month…! it’s my senior year of high school and it’s getting super busy. I still have to make 5 paintings for my AP studio class in the next month hahaha…………..so basically I won’t be too active within the next two months because of school.

I’ll probably get bored and stuff so feel free to leave requests in my inbox (like pokemon, anime characters, OCs, etc.) and I’ll draw them whenever I have the chance

sad sad fennekin :(


i really want to draw something cute ah///////

does someone want to suggest a pokemon or something??

If you could wish for anything, what would it be?

SOBS I know that I talked about commissions but I still need to set up a PayPal account I’m sorry

quick doodle with my new tablet pc ;__;

cisyaoi asked: congrats on 160 followers!!! <3

Thank you!!!

Thanks for 160 followers!!!
ah you&#8217;re all so lovely thank you for following me ;__;

*gently touches your hand*