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My name is Emi and I try to draw a lot

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College is getting stressful but my work had been super fun so that’s good I think :D

Basically, being an industrial design major is super tough!! My drawing professor makes us keep a daily sketchbook so I do have drawings that I will eventually post maybe…

It’s 2am but I just came here to say sorry for being inactive!!

We are all Groot!

So today kinda sucked but I’m trying to keep telling myself that it’s not my fault that I’m in a toxic environment, you know? I’m gonna be in college pretty soon and it’ll be better then!

idk man i began on dA and i miss all of my dA friends ;w; I’m not sure when I stopped talking to all of my online friends but I miss all of them all of a sudden ;3;

I logged into my dA for the first time in forever and man that was such a blast from the past. I wonder what made me decide that tumblr was way better than dA?? idk maybe I should start uploading to both…ah…idk…

Isabelle will forever be my favorite citizen!

plasmakirby requested his adorable OC in my livestream!

a livestream gem (join here)

I love this film more than life ;3;

I’ll be taking requests as promised earlier so I’ll do those whenever I get bored of drawing Kiki x) Come say hi!

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