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We are all Groot!

So today kinda sucked but I’m trying to keep telling myself that it’s not my fault that I’m in a toxic environment, you know? I’m gonna be in college pretty soon and it’ll be better then!

idk man i began on dA and i miss all of my dA friends ;w; I’m not sure when I stopped talking to all of my online friends but I miss all of them all of a sudden ;3;

I logged into my dA for the first time in forever and man that was such a blast from the past. I wonder what made me decide that tumblr was way better than dA?? idk maybe I should start uploading to both…ah…idk…

Isabelle will forever be my favorite citizen!

plasmakirby requested his adorable OC in my livestream!

a livestream gem (join here)

I love this film more than life ;3;

I’ll be taking requests as promised earlier so I’ll do those whenever I get bored of drawing Kiki x) Come say hi!

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I’m sorry for not being active the past few weeks. I’ve been really emotionally/physically drained for a while and needed some time to rest. Basically I’ve been napping 24/7 and watching Netflix xD

One of the shows I watched was Kill la Kill! +__+ what a great show!! Expect some fan art someday :’D

But yeah I’ve been feeling a bit better so to make up for some lost time I’m gonna host a requests livestream to get me back into drawing! It’s not gonna be for a few days since I’m gonna go to Chicago oops sorry…

I just really miss this blog D: